Day 44 – Get Motivated by More Knowledge!

Find innovative solutions with the latest knowledge!

Day 44 – To Become an Asset to Our Planet

I believe we have all the answers we need today to live sustainable lives if we decide to. It is not easy or mainstream to do but it is possible. I think we would solve this very fast if we all had the latest knowledge about our issues, the solutions, and possibilities. Knowledge is one big motivator and the key to innovative ideas. Things are happening fast today and we cannot rely on what we learned decades ago. We need to get informed about all the new things people around the world are learning and doing. One way to get the latest knowledge is this great thing called MOOC, Massive Open Online Course.

In 2015 we all (all UN member nations) agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals to create a prosperous future for humanity. There have been so much work and research going on in all these 17 different areas since. EdX is giving free MOOCs created by well-known universities and professors about the SDGs. You can find them here; Many of these are connected to environmental sustainability and the solutions we need going forward. I think they are very inspirational.

I’m going through MOOCs as one way of getting more information. This gives me a lot of determination! There are so many opinions out there that are really hard to tackle if you are not armed with the latest facts!

I don’t think we can ever get everybody to understand but we need to be unwavering when we are following our own hearts and minds. Facts give me that strength.

I hope we continue this journey to become an asset to the planet together! I look forward to see your comment on this blog!

Take care of yourself, each other and our planet.


About the ”To Become an Asset to Our Planet” blog

I’m sure you already are all too aware of the state of our planet today. If you are like me you are tired of excuses both from politicians not taking the necessary actions and from yourself taking the road of least resistance. We have the knowledge of our destructive behavior and the tools to change this.

In my family we done small alterations over the years but nothing drastic. This all changed when I started this blog. I think we have all the solutions we need available right in front of us. I started using the solutions and concepts available to create a lifestyle where my family and I become an asset to this planet. We started out with the great concept of zero waste and ban plastic, important things all of us can start with today. Now I’d like to know where to find good options for everyday life. Innovative companies that I can use as my new suppliers of the things we need as a family every day!

If you would like to follow our journey from the very first day this is the first blog post on this journey:

Today I start my journey to become an asset to this planet, stop destroying it. Come join me!


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I support individuals and organizations to become an asset to our planet. The most important issue of our time is saving our planet and make sure humans live within planetary boundaries. I believe that human beings can become an asset to planet earth and stop destroying it. After a long career in IT & management consulting I know that change can be done and there is so much untapped potential in our society today. I believe in the extraordinary ability of people and think that most of us can do so much more with our lives and our skills than what we do today.


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