Day 32 – Ban Plastic – Birthdays

Does the perfect birthday party require plastic?

I’m sure you already are all too aware of the state of our planet today. If you are like me you are tired of excuses both from politicians not taking the necessary actions and from yourself taking the road of least resistance. We have the knowledge of our destructive behavior and the tools to change this.

In my family we done small alterations over the years but nothing drastic. This all changed when I started this blog. I think we have all the solutions we need available right in front of us. I started using the solutions and concepts available to create a lifestyle where my family and I become an asset to this planet. We started out with the great concept of zero waste a journey we continue. Now we’ve moved on to the ban plastic movement.

Day 32

This weekend we are celebrating my kid’s birthday. I fell into the trap of seeing fun solutions for his party involving plastic toys. My husband woke me up and questioned why we would need to buy these things. My urge to do the best party I possibly could for my kid blinded me shortly. Of cause, we don’t need that. We will have a great party anyway. We don’t need to buy any plastic things for this. Why do I give myself license to make these bad choices especially when I do it for somebody else?  Even though my kids usually are the very reason for keeping these important questions alive with me all the time. Very strange.

My kid’s wishing list is mostly digital, new games and apps. Few and high-end stuff, like really good smartphones and headphones, are on the top of my kids wishing lists usually but not this year. I hope this is a positive trend, to only wish for a few physical things.

There are so many plastics and waste intense traditions to break when it comes to birthdays, as gift wrappings, cake candles, balloons and so forth. I need to create new traditions just as festive!

Beth Terry’s TED talk from 2010 is so interesting since so many things have changed and yet so little. There are so many alternatives everywhere and still, we do not use them.

My next quest to write about on this blog is to look into interesting options. To find the companies that show ambitions in the area’s of zero waste and to ban plastic. Where can I most easily find my sustainable options in Europe?

I hope we continue this journey to become an asset to the planet together! I look forward to see your comment on this blog!

Take care of yourself, each other and our planet.





If you would like to follow our journey from the very first day this is the first blog post on this journey:


Today I start my journey to become an asset to this planet, stop destroying it. Come join me!


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