Day 21 – Zero Waste Living – ROT

To be a part of the natural cycle of creating soil is the best end of our waste

I’m sure you already are all too aware of the state of our planet today. If you are like me you are tired of excuses both from politicians not taking the necessary actions and from yourself taking the road of least resistance. We have the knowledge of our destructive behavior and the tools to change this.

The first step in my family of four will be to start with the concept of zero waste. For those of you not familiar with the concept check out this Ted Talk with Bea Johnson . We are going through the five steps of zero waste living pointed out by Bea; refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

Day 21

My family and I moved on to the last step on our first part of our zero waste journey number 5; rot. This means that everything that we did not refuse to bring into our home, the things we still need to buy after reducing our buying frenzy, and things we cannot reuse or recycle those we should be able to compost. I love to be able to return our waste to the natural cycle of composting. The dream for me would be that all of our waste would be easily biodegradable. That we only used things we either reuse or could rot.

Where I live they gather most organic waste and make biofuel from it. This makes it very easy to get rid of things as food scraps and potato peels. The truck picking up our organic waste is fueled by biofuel, a real win-win! A little bit like the car in the movie Back to the Future! We can even put paper kitchen towels and teabags in there.

Still there are things left that could not be recycled or sent to rot. For us those things include chewing gum, wooden ice cream sticks, candles, wine corks, and all of those small broken things like toys. Light bulbs used to worry me. I didn’t know where to through these away. Now they collect used bulbs in a few stores in Sweden. Still not very convenient but better than nothing. We have a lot of stuff still and a very long journey ahead not to own anything that couldn’t be either recycled or sent to rot. But now we know what we are aiming for!

We have discovered after these first weeks that the aim for zero waste for us is more about not supporting the huge machinery creating all this stuff; wrappings, boxes, useless cheap crap, in short all these things we really don’t need. To throw away as little as possible is an acknowledgement for us that we have not bought the wrong things. To continue with the reduce work at home will make it even easier for us to keep this up.

I hope we continue this journey to become an asset to the planet together! I look forward to see your comment on this blog!

Take care of yourself, each other and our planet.


If you would like to follow our journey from the very first day this is the first blog post on this journey:


Today I start my journey to become an asset to this planet, stop destroying it. Come join me!


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