Day 16 – Zero Waste Living – Reuse

I didn't expect to feel this much better so soon!

I’m sure you already are all too aware of the state of our planet today. If you are like me you are tired of excuses both from politicians not taking the necessary actions and from yourself taking the road of least resistance. We have the knowledge of our destructive behavior and the tools to change this.

The first step in my family of four will be to start with the concept of zero waste. For those of you not familiar with the concept check out this Ted Talk with Bea Johnson . We are going through the five steps of zero waste living pointed out by Bea; refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

Day 16

Today we are moving on to the third step of zero waste living. After working with reducing in our bathroom and kitchen and several discussions in my family in more than 2 weeks we move on. Reduce will be something we continue to do over time. We will continue to reduce the number of items we have, in most categories. This has more to do with searching for an easier and happier way of living than reducing our waste. We are also trying to stop buying things on autopilot. After the first two steps refuse and reduce we will bring fewer items into our homes and lives. We will be much more selective about what to get when we need things. I am so happy with the transformation of only these two steps in my life.

I feel that my appreciation of what we already have is so much greater and the urge to buy new things has started to diminish. The quality of my life has already increased, I didn’t expect that so soon!

The next step is to reuse. To only use things that you can reuse and then if they break they can be properly recycled, like glass jars, metal water bottles, etc. Some changes we will try out are to start to use cloth napkins in the kitchen, stop using plastic wrapping, and small plastic bags to store food. These are easy changes, as we realized when we stopped using plastic bags from the shop a couple of years ago. The change wasn’t so hard. It is simply a new habit, to always have your foldable small shopping bag available.

Reusable and recyclable solutions.

This is also an area where I feel we had got it right not so long ago and lost it. I remember that my grandmother always brought a used plastic bag to the store when we were grocery shopping. I was so embarrassed and whispered to her that the bags in the store were free, she didn’t need to bring her own. She simply answered me; I don’t need a new one free or not. Exactly! Still, as a child, I didn’t get it. I was more worried about not doing like everybody else!

I hope we continue this journey to become an asset to the planet together! I look forward to seeing your comment on this blog!

Take care of yourself, each other and our planet.


If you would like to follow our journey from the very first day this is the first blog post on this journey:


Today I start my journey to become an asset to this planet, stop destroying it. Come join me!


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