Day 2 – Zero Waste Living – Refuse

What future will you be a part of creating?

I’m sure you already are all too aware of the state of our planet today. If you are like me you are tired of excuses both from politicians not taking the necessary actions and from yourself taking the road of least resistance. We have the knowledge of our destructive behavior and the tools to change this.

I’m on day two of changing the direction for me and my family. We will do small things every day to turn our lifestyle around. Please join us and get inspired to live a life where you become an asset to this planet!

The first step for us will be starting with the concept of zero waste. For those of you not familiar with the concept check out this Ted Talk with Bea Johnson We are going through the five steps of zero waste living pointed out by Bea; refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

Last night my family had a discussion around refuse.

  • How can we reduce the amount of stuff we bring into our lives that we do not really want?
  • What kind of stuff are be talking about? Handouts, freebees, gifts, presents, wrappings, bags, boxes, jars, mugs, bottles and more?
  • What can we do to make sure we do not get any of these?
  • Can we especially make sure not to get anything plastic?
Do we really want these?

We discussed the importance of not accepting handouts we do not really want. My two kids pointed out that saying no is not hard since you very seldom want things you didn’t ask for in the first place. That actually goes for other gifts too. Most things the kids wish for are digital but they get physical staff!

We also had a long discussion around plastic and how to avoid all these plastic wrappings, cups, bottles etc those are everywhere and fill up our recycle space every week. We agreed on a first step where we will bring our own bottles and cups when possible and also select to buy things in containers made of glass, metal, paper and wood. I’ll see how that goes when I’m doing my weekly shopping today.

I must admit that I find it hard to really believe that we can live zero waste and still have a good life. This comes down to what a good life means and maybe I’ll change my definition as our journey continues or maybe I’ll find that it was not so hard after all. Right now I suspect that Stockholm is rather behind in this area I hope I’m wrong. I think I’m most worried about the hygiene articles and how to replace them with zero waste alternatives. I’m not a person who enjoys DIY soaps and other stuff I really hope to find other solutions to this.

Don’t bring home what you do not need

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how my first weekly shopping went with zero waste focus. I’ll also try to find communities on Facebook around zero waste, I will need to find other dedicated spirits to solve this one!

I hope we meet again tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hear your view on this!

Take care of yourself, each other and our planet.


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