Rethink your goals and find new sustainable ways to reach them!

Your own true goals
Your own true goals

Goal setting is a favorite habit of mine. I love all about goals; dreams that create goals, identifying goals, getting goals down in writing and get down to specific plans on how to reach the goals. There is such power in goals and things that once seemed farfetched suddenly are approaching fast!

The most exciting part I think is when your goals become clear to you, then you can begin to explore why these goals are important to you. This process usually makes me understand myself a little bit better and also makes it easy to eliminate goals that are not really important to me. Usually, some goals have more to do with other people’s expectations or perhaps even other people’s dreams.

When you have identified your own true goals that you really connect with it is time to think about how to work towards them. Often we are stuck in our old ways and can have a hard time seeing new options or possibilities. Try to identify at least five different ways of achieving your goal. Then you should consider how you can do this and still honor your own believes and core values. There are ways, you just need to see them.

Do you know your core values?
Do you know your core values?

Here is an example. Your core values might be to spend time with your family, live in a way that is sustainable for the planet, to create a comfortable life for your family, and have time and energy to be there for your friends. But your own true goal might be to become a highly respected executive that all your coworkers look up to and your peers hold up as a true role model. The path of least resistance would be to think that somethings got to give and most people seem to accept that a successful career means spending less time with your family, live unsustainably and have very little time for your friends. But there are other ways. If you stay true to both your goal and your values you might find that when you have clear expectations of your work environment you can make it happen. Your current employer might understand your demands, or you find other companies in tune with your own core values. Maybe you create your own path as an entrepreneur. There are many solutions and when you start looking for them you will find them.

When you know your own true goals and your core values there is no need to give up any of them. In my work as a mentor in these changes, I help organizations and people find new ways, using the wonderful possibilities available today. The inventiveness and ingenuity of people creating a path based on their core values and their goals is truly inspiring.

You can do this too. If you believe that your goals and core values are conflicting you need to look closer at them. Question WHY the goals are important to you and do the same with your core values. If you are truly honest with yourself you will probably see quite easily what you really believe in and what you have put there to please others.

The path to live a truly fulfilling and rich life is available and you can do it without violating what you truly believe in. Do you just go with the flow or do you swim in the direction of your choice?


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