The IPCC report 2018 points at YOU to support the planet – be a part of the solution!

Are you a part of the solution och the problem?
Which future will you be a part of creating?

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is for real. If you have not heard about the UN’s newest report on climate change you need to. We are fast facing disaster with the way we are living, much faster than expected. Twelve years, a little more than a decade, they think we have to turn things around. We need to change this radically for the sake of us all, our children, future generations, and not in the least our own dear selves.


We can do this, we can make radical changes when we need to and I believe our lives will become richer by doing so. So what can you do today? As an experienced professional you are probably climbing your career ladder, you have responsibility for your family, children and maybe your parents. You might feel that you are stuck, there is surely nothing radical you need or even can do?

Yes, there are many things you can do! Radical things that really make a difference! As experienced adults, we have the highest responsibility. It is up to us to change our lives now, and enjoy the process as well. Inspire others and give hope to our kids.

We can live differently quite easily. We can rethink what we actually cherish in life and act accordingly, is not the future life of us all worth that?

There are major things you can do today to start your positive impact. Especially as a high achieving professional with responsibility within your organization. Your own conduct will be an example to your peers and subordinates.

Here are five suggestions:

  1. Guard your time and the planet by stop flying in your work. There are other ways to interact with your colleagues and clients around the world. We have technical innovations today making flying totally unnecessary. The younger generations already know this, they can create meaningful relationships via Skype and other similar tools. You can do this today. Spend time at home with your loved ones instead and be thankful for your new opportunity to create deeper more meaningful relationships where you actually live.
  2. Heavily reduce or stop eating meat. This is easily done today with this abundance of alternatives we have at restaurants and supermarkets.

    You can start to make a difference today!
  3. Rethink your transportation habits. Can you drastically reduce the damage you do each day with your transportation habits? Yes, probably. Can you work at home more often? Can you use the bike or walk and teach your children to do that too? Can you offer a ride to a neighbor? Perhaps it is time to rethink where you work or live to bring these places close to each other?
  4. Given your abilities, gifts, education, and experience where can you do most relevant work? Where can you really contribute to creating a solution for the world? Can you do this at your current job, in your current position? Should you rethink your choices to make sure that what you contribute with at work the coming decade leads humanity in the right direction?
  5. Stop buying physical stuff. We all know of the studies showing us that consumption is not making us happy and still many of us continues this destructive behavior. We have a twisted view of success being based on stuff, new things. You can challenge this view and show real quality of life by consciously making the decision that you will not buy physical goods unless necessary. When you buy things choose quality products that are and can be recycled. If you buy things to get variety in your life there are digital products you can buy making much less damage to our world. Most young people today prefer digital gifts anyway. We can buy digital products like films, music, and games online.

These are just a few steps to start with today that can help you make a tremendous difference in the world. I hope you stop hesitate and start to be a part of the solution today. Move forward and create a positive spiral of individuals taking their responsibility and take action!


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