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“Set yourself up for success!” – 5 days email course

The world is full of opportunities and when you made up your mind to go after them, leaving your secure corporate career there are things you can do to make for a smoother transition. You can make preparations to ensure your success. You are about to create the freedom and financial space you long for as your own boss. Finally creating real value from all those years of experience. To get off to a flying start there are some hacks you can use to prepare yourself. In five days we look at;

  1. Persistence. How to handle pressure to follow the beaten path. Preparations to survive the pressure from your surroundings and from yourself to doubt your decision to leave socially accepted norms.
  2. Business Models. Your new business. What do you need to know from the beginning? What do you need to have done before you leave the safety of your employment?
  3. Money. Preparations to survive and prosper from a financial point of view.
  4. Mindset. Set yourself up for success. What is the key to make yourself get the business and life you dream of in the long run? What do you need to do to allow yourself to succeed? Yes, we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to leaving our comfort zone and allow us to really make a progress outside of it.
  5. Getting ready to get started. With your foundation in place. What should be your first steps to ensure success?

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