Is the Answer to Happiness Time?

There are other ways to make money than selling your time.

We are many ambitious women, professionals climbing our career ladder, becoming mums, and reaching our dreams. But there is still something nagging, perhaps more now when we should have all the answers. The eternal question of happiness keeps coming back to us. Why are we not happy? What are we really looking for? This situation could be annoying but really it is a gift. We need to re-asses what we are doing especially when we’ve achieved a lot.

What is happiness to you?

The answer to many of us has to do with time. Where do we spend our time? With whom? For what reason? Some of us realize that we need to do something about our situation. We need to move our focus and also investigate what really matter to us. When we start to spend our time differently we might find out that the things we sought we were craving was not for us. The answer we believed in might not be our answer. The reason is that there are many answers to this question. There are socially accepted answers, there are politically correct answers, and then there are our own truth underneath it all. It’s hard work to sort these things out.

After changing my life giving time to the most important areas for me I realized something else. There are no eternal answers to this eternal question. Time might be our most cherished asset but we need to understand that the value of time spent changes and there need to be some scarcity to really value the time spent. When we spend time carelessly it is not as valuable as the time well planned and anticipated. It doesn’t matter if it is time for ourselves reading a good book or time playing with our kids. When we plan for it and anticipate it, time spent gives back a higher value. We can prepare, be in the right mood and understand that this is a special time. That time gives us more happiness.

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