Are You Also Enslaved by the Endless Need for Growth?

Infinite growth

Have you conformed to and followed the never-ending demand for growth? In the industrial world, growth has been seen as something good. You should develop a growth mindset, people need to grow, the economy is growing. But growth isn’t always a positive thing. Growth in the wrong places can kill anything from a cancer patient to entire ecosystems. I believe it also kills our dreams. The belief that we always need more, never could or should be happy where we are is killing our joy of living. On a personal level I believe that we can have everything that truly makes us happy without sacrificing all our time to work or the environment around us. Many of us already have what is most important to us in life and if we really put that in focus our actions would change a lot.

National Economics has told us that growth is the only way forward, and we, nations and leaders have believed it wholeheartedly. Some of us have had the feeling that this could not be right. Do we always need (or even want) more? I do not believe so. I think this view deceive us all into living lives we do not appreciate and striving for goals we don’t even care about. Why? Because everybody else does it? Because the company asked us to? Because the investors want it? The brilliant Economist Kate Raworth wrote a blog post getting into details about what believes the view of growth ruling the world is based on.

Think about what a company would look like if growth wasn’t the key value. Think about what your life would look like if you really found out what is important to you and didn’t waste your resources like time and money on anything else.

Is growth what makes you happy?

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