3 Live Examples of Digital Business Models for Experienced Professionals

Experienced professional
Put your professional experience to good use

The digital development of our society is fast and change our behavior more rapidly than anyone thought was possible. We buy things in ways we would never imagine only a few years ago. Digital products and value is mainstream for most generations these days. This is the golden era of new businesses and new business models. This is creating large opportunities for everybody willing to tap into this huge new market.

As an experienced professional you have knowledge that other people could benefit from. This could be a source to tap from in your business.  The starting platform for selling any of these products is trust. Probably you have a trust base to start from as an experienced professional, but this is often to local and limited and need to grow. To be able to address the global market you have to show your knowledge online; you can do this as a blogger, vlogger or You Tuber for instance.

Here are three interesting ways to create a business out of your knowledge to start from.

Create an online course
  1. Digital courses – you can teach your knowledge

This is a growing market and the key here is that you start small, check out the market response and grow your business accordingly. One example of online courses is Mare Forleos b-school. Check it out on her website;  www.marieforleo.com

E-books give you a chance to show your deep knowlege
  1. Digital books – write instructions and manuals about your knowledge area

Digital books are easy to distribute. These days you don’t have to be approved by anyone you can do it all yourself, but to create a book of quality is still the same hard work. The book you create could be a bi-product of a course or a complement product.

“Writing a book still tends to have a positive effect on your reputation: if you invest the effort to write a good/useful book, you’ve spent more time thinking about the topic than other people, which makes you rare and valuable to people who are interested in the topic.”

– Josh Kaufman, the author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours

Workbooks and checklists to support your peers in their work
  1. Digital workbooks and checklist – tools to support people to use your knowledge

This is extremely useful in many professions and if done with quality could be of great value to your peers. One example of this is http://ushistoryteachers.com/ where a history teacher is selling lesson plans to other teachers.

As always the key is to start exploring your opportunities. How can you use the knowledge you’ve gathered over your career to benefit more people?


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