High Achieving Women over 40 – You’ve Done Great, and You Deserve More

Loving the life

A successful career can be very gratifying and when you have what many dream of, do you dare to ask for more? Yes, you should! We change over time and what success looks like change for us too. The problem for many successful women is that since other people seem to keep their view on what success looks like we keep our changed view to ourselves. Doubting if we could really ask for something else when we already got it “all”. When we start to question our priorities in life it often comes down to money and time.

We need to manage it as our most precious asset, time.

Time is equal, we all have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Time is limited. Time is a nonrenewable resource. We need to manage time as our most precious asset. The only asset that really matters. The most precious gift to give to people you love and to yourself.

There are other ways to make money than to sell your time. Perhaps it is time for you to pursue them. Perhaps you would like to free your time for other more valuable purposes or perhaps you see that to make a true fortune you need to create real value not limited by time spent. What do I mean by that? To create value for others that many can benefit from is key to scale your impact and your ability to make money. What you actually sell is value not time. It is actually the other way around, most people are ready to pay more for value that requires less of their time. Time is our most valuable asset and that is true for all of us.

Technology makes our ability to create value for others easier and cheaper than ever before. You can distribute your knowledge and value to others the trick is of cause to be able to reach the people needing your services and to make them understand how they can benefit from the value you create.

This is where your creativity and self-confidence get into play. There are no boundaries except the ones you create and there is so much support to get from everywhere on the internet. Remember that the market out there is huge, you now have a global reach at your fingertips and only have to reach your very own specific niche.

You live in a time of opportunities and can do it!

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