Inspiring Ted Talk About (Very) Experienced Professionals Turning Entrepreneurs


After decades working with brilliant very dedicated people in the corporate world it struck me how many of their best ideas and most passionate topics were discussed on the lunch break instead of in work meetings. I believe many of the best changes and inventions we really need today is still stuck in experienced minds too busy working with their everyday duties in their corporate roles. Yet there are more opportunities than ever to really make a successful living with new ventures today. Research also shows that first time entrepreneurs are much more successful if they do the transition later in life.

But most people become more cautions over the years and we are as humans prune to stay in our comfort zone. There are important questions to ask oneself. Can I afford to follow my heart this late in life? I’ve got responsibilities and pension plans, what happen to them? I’ve might be laughed at by my peers, dare I risk that? What if I fail is there any options for me left to start something new? The demons we face when leaving our comfortable life are numerous and we are never more creative than when we persuade ourselves to stay put and not to rock the boat. But if we dare to move past the demons and really scrutinize the validity of our fears we’ll find the other side of the coin. There we might see that our current path is not as secure as we might think and that we are not risking that much in reality. There are also the aspects of life quality and to grow in life. What is our own view of ourselves? Do we peak at 40 and after that we just stay put as a rabbit caught in the spotlight or do we never stop learning and keep on moving forward our entire lives?

I think Paul Tasner’s Ted Talk below is an excellent example of what is possible also later in our careers.



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