Are you dreaming about becoming a successful entrepreneur after decades as employed?

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You are not alone, one-third of the workforce is dreaming about starting their own business, according to research. With a long professional experience, you have even more to offer with your own enterprise. When you have climbed the corporate ladder for decades you have experience, skills, and hard earned knowledge. Some of us start to realize that we can do so much more with these assets.

Use your experience to create more value

You can both design a life with you and your family in the center and impact society in radical ways. To leave your corporate career and create a new life is not easy, but for me it was necessary. I left after two decades a very successful corporate career. I was then Management consultant and Partner at a large global advisory in IT. The digital development of corporations and government bodies has been my working field. For me, it was the need to create the kind of life I really loved with time for me and my family combined with the knowledge that to really tackle the big issues we are facing today I can contribute so much more if I own my own time and my own agenda.


The key question to ask oneself in the middle of your career is: Do I want more out of life? If the answer is yes, you have started your journey!

When looking at your current situation there are many things to consider; your career, your family, your economic situation and other responsibilities you might have. It is easy to get stuck there but the key is your dreams. If you really know what you want you will find a way to get it. To do it right you need a long-term plan and to develop your skill to stick to it.

When I got explicit about my goals I found this. I needed to own my own time, I cannot sell my most precious asset anymore. I needed to use the time I have in a way that makes sense to me, no one else (this is harder than you might think). I needed to find ways

I love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this subject!

of creating more of my renewable assets energy and money. When I got this sorted,

I identified what gave me energy and what took my energy, and step by step altered my life accordingly. My knowledge of the digital development has given me so much inspiration in the money-making side of this journey. There are all kinds of ways to make money on knowledge and experience today and the only thing limiting us is our own fears and lack of imagination. It’s a pity the generations currently holding the long experience have so little understanding of any other form of money generation than selling themselves by the hour to an employer.


I love to hear your view on this and your experience!





  1. I absolutely LOVE your articles and point of view on these awesome life changes. I have just made one myself. I left Corporate America almost a year ago to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship and although some days are hard and there are challenges and some “unknown” it is the very thing that excites me and gets me out of bed each and every day. There have definitely been some compromises (financially) for my young family and it was a huge risk and leap of faith but I am very confident I will come out on the other side a much more fulfilled woman, wife, and mother. It just takes time to cultivate the right relationships, but it allows me to be my self, authentic self and my business reaps the true benefits and it has the “real” me:-)!

    By the way, I loved your article “High achieving women and the next career move after 40”. This was a very beautiful article that spoke to exactly what I have experience and why I am where I am today.

    • Thank you so much Kennedy! I think you are spot on when you say that it takes time. I find that it is easy to underestimate the time needed for many of these phases but also that it is worth the wait. There are ups and downs as you say and it is easy to lose direction when things start to feel heavy, but if we persist and remember where we are going we grow so much! Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best going forward! /Cate


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